Bison Handling Equipment

Pre-Alleys, Panels, Working Systems

      Bison Handling Equipment  –  Manual XLT Bison Chute  –  Hydraulic XLT Bison Chute

  • Farm, ranch, and zoo/wildlife park operations need a complete handling system in order to properly manage their bison. The system as a whole (not just the squeeze chute) must address bison’s behavioral roots of fear, separation anxiety, and escape in order to reduce stress and physical trauma when handling bison. Our pre-alley’s, pens, and complete working systems are designed to mitigate the bison’s fear, prevent unwanted escape, and allow the bison to ‘escape’ in the direction of movement desired through the system.


  • Bison Crowing Alleys (Pre-Alley)
    • 10′ Long, 7′ Tall Pre-Alley Sections
    • Adjustable Width
    • Solid Sides w/Catwalks
    • Solid Horizontal Sliding Gates
    • Customization Available Bison Handling Equipment


  • Portable Bison Panels
    • 10′, 12′, 24′, or Custom Lengths
    • 6′ Tall
    • 2″ HD Frame w/ 7/8″ Horizontal Bars
    • Free Standing, Durable


  • EZ Bison Pens
    • Portable and Durable
    • Configured to Harvest the Existing Behaviors of Bison
    • Sets up in a Day
    • Incorporates Run-by Technology
    • Strength and Durability are Made for Bison
    • Height and Opaque-Features are Included for Bison Behavior
    • Versatile Configurations
    • Custom Designs Available
    • Salvage Value Can be Realized EZ’er than Permanent Handling Facility Structures