Custom Equipment

Custom Equipment for All Classes of Species

Do you have a wildlife challenge or need? Is there a routine husbandry task that could be made easier or more efficient if you just had something custom built and installed? Our technicians focus on designing equipment that works with the animals natural behavior to minimize stress and optimize quality of life. We build equipment for class I, II, and III species, and we understand the need to meet regulatory requirements as well as the needs of the animal. Materials, size, design, and accessories used to build any equipment or holding area are all important factors in each project. Our skilled technicians can work with any material of your choosing. We will work with you to innovate and implement the tools and equipment that provide the best solution for both you and your animals.

Squeeze Chutes & Cages

Bama grazing

Automatic Waterers

Enrichment Items

Den/Nest Boxes

Resting Platforms

Cages & Cage Panels

Transport Cages

Weighing Platforms

Vital Wildlife offers zoos, farms, ranches, rehabilitation centers, wildlife sanctuaries, and private owners a custom design and manufacturing experience as well as the ability to offer professional installation service. No matter what type of facility you own, it is important to have the right equipment for each species. It is our perspective that equipment should cater to the mental and physical wellbeing of the species while simultaneously ensuring their caretaker’s mission is accomplished in a safe, efficient, and effective manner. From squeeze chutes, to scales, to cages, to waterers – we focus on both your needs and the animal’s. The utmost attention to detail is paid to ensure the appropriate materials and design are used when building and installing equipment. Our equipment will never have sharp edges, will prioritize ease of cleanliness and ease of use, reduce animal stress, and improve the quality of life for the animal.