Manual XLT Bison Chute

Manual XLT Bison Chute

Built to Buffalo – From 300 to 3000 lbs!

Simple. Durable. Effective.

The XLT was innovated to offer all of the required options for an efficient, effective, and humane bison chute as standard features. Extra long and extra tall matters just as much as the double sided, double adjustable squeeze doors… this chute will fit a 300lb calf or a 3000lb bull.  The goal of our bison squeeze chute is to maximize safety and effectiveness when handling bison, to the benefit of both the bison and the producer or zoo facility. This is achieved by using a species-specific approach in the design of all aspects of the bison squeeze chute. It is a given that any bison chute is constructed of heavy duty steel, but of equal importance, if not more so, is the need to incorporate how bison visualize their surroundings and react to stimuli around them, particularly in instances of high stress. This approach allows producers to work WITH the bison to achieve the desired result rather than forcing bison through a handling system and causing unnecessary losses due to stress and physical trauma.

Vital’s colors are brown and white for a specific reason: bison have dichromatic vision, and do not see colors the same as humans. We paint our bison chutes, pre-alleys, and entire handling facilities brown with strategic placement of bright white to facilitate the forward movement desired. As a result, bison move forward through the handling facility and the squeeze chute with less effort and less stress. The smooth sided and fully sheeted interior acts to reduce separation anxiety, fear of close contact with humans, and rearing to escape. Rumber flooring and quiet access doors further contribute to reducing the stress bison experience while in the chute. The overall design and function of the squeeze chute allows bison to relax once inside, which decreases physical trauma to the bison and wear and tear on the chute.

The Vital XLT bison squeeze chute offers all the required options for an efficient, effective, and humane bison chute as standard features. From digital scales to reflective color technology, our bison chutes are guaranteed to maximize your efficiency and functionality when you handle your bison. No add-ons needed!

Standard Features:

  • Scales with Rugged Load Cell Assemblies and Digital Indicator
  • Emergency/Escape Doors on Both Sides, Providing 3 avenues of exiting the chute
  • Horizontal Rear Sliding Gate
  • Double Sided Squeeze to Fit the Unique Shape of Each Bison
  • Return Slant Bottom on Crash Cage
  • Headgate, Crash Cage, & Squeeze May be Set up to Operate from Either Side
  • Full Front Opening Headgate with Infinite Locking System
  • Hinged Neck Panels for easy vaccination and injections
  • Fully Sheeted on All Sides
  • Non-Slip, Durable Rumber Floor with Unobtrusive, but Effective Traction Bars
  • Grease Zerts on All Pivot Points
  • Bison Brown Paint with Reflective Color Technology
  • Quiet Operation
  • Lifetime Warranty on Workmanship

Optional Items:

  • Custom Logo & Color
  • Other Customization Available on Request


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